How It All Began – Our Idea For CAPS CODE

Jewish Gematria is a beautiful system of code-making based on the scientific study of Numerology. Gematria is a simple process. Each letter in Hebrew, or in our case English, is reduced to a number. There are many different systems of Gematria, but the English System that we adhere to is based on A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on.

Embedding Hidden Messages … Everywhere!

To derive a number from a word simply add and reduce. For example, “Gematria” = 751312991 = 13 13 13. You might be scratching your head, but don’t be afraid to re-arrange the order of numbers when you reduce.

The beauty of Jewish Gematria is that the code-maker can use any number as a “Key.” The “Key” can be an identifier within a sentence or string of numbers and letters. Beautiful!

An Homage To Jewish Gematria And The Wonderful Hebrew Tradition!

Jewish Gematria originated within the beautiful Hebrew cultural and religions traditions. In the study of Qabalah, Gematria helps to assign a numerical value to the intricate study of The Qabalah’s Tree of Life. In doing so, the practitioner can better understand God’s Reality. We are a Fashion Label and Brand dedicated to advancing the beautiful Hebrew Religious tradition in a socially and economically sustainable manner.

Each Purchase Supports The Advancement Of The Hebrew Tradition

We donate 10% of each purchase to support a number of different charities dedicated to the advancement of Hebrew Culture.

We believe in preserving and celebrating the Jewish and Hebrew Culture in a positive light, but also remembering the tragic circumstance that occurred when humans were assigned as a code. Let’s remember the incredible tradition of Hebrew code-makers and acknowledge the tragic circumstances associated with The Holocaust, and that is our Mission with “Number Codes.”

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